Online Publications

Online Publications:
The Dining Room in Anchor Magazine
Three Poems in A Gathering of the Tribes Magazine
Old People Are Everywhere in boomspeak
Mother Without Words in The Voices Project
On My Ex-Lover's Birthday in A Gathering of the Tribes Magazine
I Was The Dreidel in The Jewish Writing Project
My Mother's First Chanukah in the Nursing Home in The jewish Writing Project
A Box of Chocolates with an Apology in Quail Bell Magazine
Everybody is a Star in Mused Literary ReviewNow in Right Hand Pointing
Fear Lives In The Body in Leaves of Ink, Thursday September 26, 2019
Mother and Child in a Hammock in Mothers Always Write
The Gates of the Synagogue in Hevria
Batting Mice Around in Mum Life Stories
When A Friend Dies in Down in the Dirt Magazine
You Carry My Microwave in Random Sample 
Online Publications