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Welcome to my website!
I have been writing poems, stories, memoir and essays for as long as I can remember. I have finally come to a time in my life when I am able to finish and polish my writing pieces and send them off into the world. My hope is that they will connect with people in a way that communicates compassion for the full range of the human experience. I write from an open heart and a strong sense of connection with all the beings that have touched my life.

My published pieces and other writing projects will be shared on these pages. Comments, reactions, responses, and thoughts inspired by my writing are so welcome.
With blessings, Madlynn

About Me

Online Publications

Online Publications:
Three Poems in A Gathering of the Tribes Magazine
Old People Are Everywhere in boomspeak
Mother Without Words in The Voices Project
On My Ex-Lover's Birthday in A Gathering of the Tribes Magazine
I Was The Dreidel in The Jewish Writing Project
My Mother's First Chanukah in the Nursing Home in The Jewish Writing Project
A Box of Chocolates with an Apology in Quail Bell Magazine
Everybody is a Star in Mused Literary ReviewNow in Right Hand Pointing
Fear Lives In The Body in Leaves of Ink, Thursday September 26, 2019
Mother and Child in a Hammock in Mothers Always Write
The Gates of the Synagogue in Hevria
Batting Mice Around in Mum Life Stories
When A Friend Dies in Down in the Dirt Magazine
You Carry My Microwave in Random Sample
Sounds Like Music in Club Plum Literary Journal
Hearts Relate in Pandemic Poetry and Prose
Laughter and Tears in Ariel Chart International Literary journal
Avenues of Escape & Traces in The Sunlight Press
A Girl Left Behind in Sparks of Calliope
Five Poems in Adelaide Literary Magazine
Imagine in Boston Literary Magazine (8th poem down)
We Knew His Name in Down in the Dirt Magazine
Wounded in Down in the Dirt Magazine
For No Reason in Down in the Dirt Magazine
Three Poems in The Buddhist Poetry Review
Goodbye To The Angry Man in Indolent Books, Poems in the Afterglow
Pandemic Remembrances in Dissonance Magazine
Simple Attention and When Suffering Spoke in Spirit Fire Review
Pretty Little Boxes in Borrowed Solace Issue 4.1
Bodies and Friends in K'in Literary Journal
Three Poems in Muddy River Poetry Review
Online Publications


Here are some of the writing projects I am doing.


Thanks for visiting my website. I would love to hear any thoughts you have about my work. Please let me know if you have visited this site. Thanks, Madlynn